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SKRT na Rajdzie im. Wł. Mamota

rajd Mamota23 IX odbył się Rajd Rowerowy im WŁ. Mamota Wyjechaliśmy spod szkoły o 8.30. Jechaliśmy przez Chechło, do momentu dojechania pod szkołę podstawową  Nr 6 w Kościelcu. Przy tej szkole przed wyjazdem, otrzymywaliśmy napój i cos słodkiego. Po wyjechaniu w trasę, przejeżdżaliśmy przez Źrebce i Pogorzyce.

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 Bieg Trzeźwości

bieg trzeżwości

22 IX 12r. byliśmy na Biegu Trzeźwości. Pogoda nie była najlepsza. Mimo to zebrało się nas kilkanaście osób. Opiekunkami były p. Kasia Franczyk i p. Iwona Łukasik. Wszyscy dotarli do mety biegu. Po posiłku niektórzy mieli jeszcze siły, żeby wziąć udział w konkursach...

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Singing Academy 

On the occasion of another anniversary of Poland's independence, the academy prepared by Mrs. Ewa Hirsz-Witon and Mrs. Soltys, the middle school students were given a dose of history. But above all, they sang together with the choir formed from class 1b, legion songs such as "Legiony," "My pierwsza brygada," "Wojenko wojenko," and "Raduje sie serce." 

scrabblebythoughtdisordWords, words, words... Of course, in English! 

Today, in our school there was another SCRABBLE contest in English. This wasn't just playing for the fun of it; it was a professional and fair contest, organized by Mrs. Bebenek and Mrs. Marcela. The most prominent players from all over the world were invited.
However, due to the bad weather, highway blockades, and other similar incidents, the only ones who were able to reach us were the toughest players from schools in Chrzanow County, including the perfectly-prepared students, KSW of Libiaz. Fierce mental struggles lasted the entire 135 minutes (3 rounds of 45 minutes); pens were used up of all their ink and dictionaries were torn up.
Our students fought bravely, but the chance of winning in such a contest was very slim. The KSW students dominated the podium - Mateusz Gwozdz in first and Adrian Majcher in second. However, our invincible Kuba Strozik got third place. All of the contestants were able to have snacks and drinks in the cafeteria, which were prepared by the students of classes 3a, 3d, and Mrs. Soltys, and was sponsored by Mr and Mrs Siwek. For the second time this month we were able to enjoy cakes, waffles, jellies, and other delicious things.
We hope that everyone had a sweet, fun, and Scrabble-full day. 

mariasc1Patronage Day 2011 

On October 28 we celebrated Patronage Day. 2011 is the year of Maria Sklodowska-Curie, so we had events relating to her at our school. The first grade took part in lectures, learning about many details and curiosities regarding her life and work. In addition to lectures, we observed chemistry in action. Experiments with mysterious names, such as "Pharaoh's Serpents," or "Locomotive," took place. Some of the experiments could even be carried out with the use of common household items.
The second and third grades had a chance to test their knowledge in a contest about the life of Maria Sklodowska-Curie, in addition to chemical issues. Teams consisting of two people fought for a very good grade. Every grade had a chance to take part in an art contest titled "The extraordinary life of an ordinary woman." We could take a look at the work of the pupils in our school corridor. Throughout October, there was an exhibition on our Nobel Prize Winner.

dzPapal Day 

On October 17, 2011, we had a competition in our school about the life and teachings of John Paul II, on the occasion of  the XI Papal Day.
Representatives from each of our classes attended the competition. Students worked in groups of three.
The winners turned out to be representatives of class "A" (first, second, and third) - Congratulations to...